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Healthier trees and shrubs are not only more aesthetically pleasing but are also far less susceptible to attack from the plethora of opportunistic insects and diseases that exist in the urban landscape and weaken and or kill their host.                     

Urban landscapes have virtually no resemblance to the natural wooded environment that trees over millions of years have genetically evolved to recognize and prosper in. Turf, asphalt and concrete replace the “forest floor” which is a living organic environment where life sustaining tree roots reside and prosper in. In addition to anchoring a tree, the roots soak up water and nutrients and transport them to the leaves where the photosynthesis process generates life sustaining energy.

The rich organic soil layer found within the top six to eight inches of the forest is markedly absent from developed urban areas. It has been scraped away during site development and has not been replenished because people deny the decomposition of fallen leaves and branches that yield critical nutrients and invite microbial activity.

Purposely, the cornerstone of our tree and shrub stewardship is the creation and sustainment of a fertile, organically rich and living soil habitat. We accomplish that in a holistic and environmentally friendly manner engaging the most up to date soil science data produced in extensive field trials and not merely in a lab.

Yucca, sea kelp, beneficial soil fungi, potash, macro and micro nutrients and other organic materials are mixed in water and injected into the soil at the depth where the absorptive roots are located. The water pressure of 150 pounds per square inch helps with dispersal and also aids short term alleviation of soil compaction. The entire available root zone is treated. This organic smoothie temporarily revitalizes depleted soils and provides heightened vigor and vitality for six to twelve months.