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Healthy and aesthetically pleasing trees contribute to increased property values and, if large enough, reduce air conditioning bills with the shade they cast in the hot summer months. They also help nurture a desirable ambiance and can be defining features in the landscape.

Trees are not immortal, and like people are subject to ailments and various stresses. They can also break or topple over and hurt people or damage property.  The vast majority of large trees that experience catastrophic breakage or total failure are predisposed to do so resulting from structural defects that often go undetected or unappreciated by homeowners.

The ISA Certified Arborists at Casey Tree Experts are specialists in Residential Tree Care. Our inspection criteria when we examine your trees includes:

  • Detecting and quantifying structural defects as they relate to safety risk
  • Assessing general health and the presence of harmful insects or disease
  • Identifying pruning needs such as dead branches or limbs hanging on or over the roof
  • Evaluating the relationship between the trees and the turf

We are able to help you prioritize goals and objectives and establish an Action Plan to accomplish them within the confines of available budget. We behave as more of a partner than a mere contractor. We keep maintenance records and check in with you when services are up for renewal.

As a client, you will also receive complimentary consultations and be at the top of the list in the event of any storm damage needs.