Casey Tree Experts produce quite a bit of mulch in the process of pruning and removing trees.  This is beneficial for the customer, should they decide to keep the mulch on their property, and beneficial for landscapers and property owners who purchase from us should our customers require us to haul it away.  

Our equipment produces a mulch that is classified as double-ground.  It is chipped smaller then what most other services are producing and also capable of absorbing more dye. This means that over the long-term, our mulch will hold its color longer. 

One of the benefits of using mulch over pine straw, bark and other products is that mulch biodegrades quicker into the soil, enriching it within months of application. Mulch is also better soil's moisture retention, which is very beneficial for tree and plant health.  This means less work for the consumer by not having to water as often, along with the savings associated with watering less - especially during our hot summer months.

Another benefit of mulch over pine straw and other products is that mulch will hold its depth longer. It is recommended that mulch be installed at a depth of at least 2" and up to 4", however it is recommended that you keep mulch clear of the foundation by 12 inches.